Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mexico election: AMLO admits no "cyber fraud"

In a radio interview yesterday, Andrés Manuel López Obrador -- AMLO, the defeated PRD presidential candidate -- was forced to admit that the Mexican Electoral Institute's computer tallying system was not the cause of the alleged vote fraud that supposedly cost him the election. He said it was "fraude a la antigüita" -- "old-time" fraud. You know, like in St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Seattle, Milwaukee etc..

Immediately after the preliminary results of the election were released and then for several days after as the vote tallies were announced, AMLO's intrepid staff charged that the computer system used by the IFE had been breached, or hacked. One of them was waving around a video from a trial in Ohio where a witness described how to a computer count could be manipulated. What AMLO's morons failed to note was, 1. the witness in the Ohio case was talking about electronic voting machines which are not used in Mexico and, 2. he was talking about vote counting which is a manual process, not an electronic process, here in Mexico.

Some commenters on this blog as well as leftist websites like the Narco News Bulletin were also screaming about computer fraud. It's pretty tough to carry out computer fraud when hard copy tally sheets as well as all the physical ballots exist to back up the tallies. Now AMLO himself has been forced to admit that no cyber fraud ever took place. Just "old-time" fraud in which the PRD (AMLO's party) was into up to its neck just like everybody else all around the world.

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