Saturday, July 29, 2006

Crawford, Texas citizens await Cindy Sheehan

Robert Westerfield: "I'd wish they'd go away and never come back. I wish she'd stay away. Crawford's a Republican town, and she's a dumb Democrat."

Bill Johnson: "But on the other hand, she needs to be respectful for what our country stands for."

Teresa Bowdoin: "When it's here (traffic congestion, noise from rallies and odor from portable toilets), it affects a different set of people."

Bobby D. Ramsey: "(Fonseca) said he was going to build a home and, one day, a shop (on the land). He told me that Katrina wiped him out. It didn’t even occur to me that he could use it for this."

Cindy Sheehan: "I never understood how George Bush could pick such a place as Crawford to have his home."

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