Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mexico election: God strikes AMLO

Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the PRDistas launched several marches throughout Mexico City this afternoon. They had just gotten up a good head of steam when the heavens opened and they were deluged by wind, a tropical downpour and hail stones.

I think most of the marchers finished their routes but they were a miserable lot by the time it was over. The worry of some citizens that the marchers would disrupt traffic was supplanted by the worry of being washed away as water ran through many streets like rivers.

Guadalahara got whacked pretty good, too. This gigantic storm system is running up and down the eastern Pacific. I understand that Santiago, Chile is in seriously bad shape due to flooding, mudslides and collapsed structures, all due to heavy rains. I've heard of a couple of dozen dead and some 40,000 evacuated from destroyed homes.

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