Friday, July 21, 2006

Oaxaca teachers strike: grafitti warfare

I am finally beginning to see some anti-striking teachers sentiments expressed in grafitti spray-painted on walls. While it is of little solace to property owners and businesses that must constantly repaint their exterior walls to cover the protest paintings, at least we are beginning to see other opinions expressed. Today I saw, in 3 foot high letters,
"Maestros Drogadictos"
That translates to "Drug addict teachers". I've heard that before. There was a pro-government march about a month ago, a week or so before the national election. Some marchers were chanting, "Maestros drogadictos" and carrying signs stating same. I'm not sure what that "drug addicts" business is all about but I'll try to find out. And then there was this:
"SNTE (the teachers' union) asesinos. Matan la Geulaguetza"
That translates to "Union murderers. They killed the Guelaguetza Festival"

I don't have any photos but I'll try to get some up tomorrow, including the good ol' anti-American and "Bush - terrorist" stuff.

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