Saturday, July 29, 2006

MSM reporting on the Mel Gibson affair

Laurence Simon at TBIFOC makes an interesting observation. He notes that CNN mentions nothing about Mel Gibson's behavior during and after his DUI arrest in Malibu. Nothing whatsoever about his threats to the arresting officer, his anti-Semitic tirade nor even his sexually explicit remark to a female sergeant on duty when he was brought to the jail. Nada. Zip. So I thought I'd see what the other MSM outlets are/were saying about the altercation with Sheriff's deputies, the threats, the anti-Semitic tirade and the sexually explicit comment.

The Los Angeles Times:
First report 7/28, 1:30 PM PDT: Nada, but it was early.
Second report 7/29, time not given: Nada
Third report 7/29, 2:11 PM PDT: Nada
Fourth report 7/29 5:25 PM PDT: nada, except to say that the sheriff declined to comment.

The LAT must be in a FOG (Fear Of Gibson)

Only one report 7/29 4:10 PM CT: Nada. Mentions apology but gives no details as to why.

ABC News:
Nothing. No report whatsoever.

CBS News:
One report 7/29 no time given: Nada. Reports the apology but no details as to why.

The New York Times:
National Briefing 7/29 no time given: Nada. mentions arrest, that's all.

(via NYT search)
First report 7/29 2:05 AM ET: Nada, just mentions the arrest.
Second report 7/29 10:00 AM ET: Nada, repeats earlier report
Third report 7/29 8:12 PM ET: Nada. Mentions the apology but doesn't say for what.

Associated Press:
AP Newswire One report 7/29 7:04 PM EDT: Nada. Reports the apology but gives no details as to why.
AP Breaking 7/29 7:04 PM EDT: Nada. Just reports the apology but, again, no ideas as to why.
AP Headlines; Nada. Same story as above.
AP National News: Nada. Same apology story as above.

We already know from Mr. Simon: Nada

Fox doesn't make it easy to find, but here's what they've got:
First report 7/28 no time given: Nada. Very sketchy derttails but then this was very early.
Second report 7/29 no time given: Nada. Just like everybody else, Fox reports the apology without giving any details as to why the Mad Braveheart Road Warrior Max was aplogizing.


I just spent 1 hour and 40-50 clicks through web pages and their search engines to get zero.

Last night, I got this whole story, except for the apology which was just issued this afternoon, from TMZ's second report via TMZ's first report via WeSmirch via Memeorandum. Four clicks, less than two (2) minutes, last night.


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