Sunday, July 02, 2006

No vacancy at sex predator trailer park

Sex predator trailer park. Mark in Mexico, moderate to conservative opinion on news politics government and current events. News and opinion on Mexico.This story gives a whole new meaning to the term "trailer trash", doesn't it? A 50 year-old convicted sex predator, Randy Young, has been recruiting other convicted sex predators to live in a trailer park in Orange County, Florida. The park, Lake Shore Village, now boasts 25 convicted sex predators.

After complaints by concerned residents of nearby Lake Fairview, where some 70 children under the age of 14 live, Young's parole officer has ordered him to cease and desist. There is a lake separating the trailer park from the Lake Fairview community, but it's neither large enough nor deep enough:
"They swim across the lake and come on your property," Powers said..

"I opened the door and there was this guy soaking wet, he had no shirt on and looked like (he was in) a drugged state," resident Laura Masella said.

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