Friday, July 14, 2006

Mexico election: AMLO says fast food and soap operas to blame

Among the more than 300 challenges filed against the July 2 presidential election, AMLO has charged the following:

  • The soap opera (telenovela) "La Fea Más Bella" ("The Most Beautiful Ugly One", I guess,) because it showed an image of Felipe Calderón during a show and that episode drew a "10.83 rating" - or - there was a mention made during an episode that Calderón had a "10.83 rating"; I'm unclear on how to translate the complaint.
  • The variety show "Muévete", an every Saturday extravaganzaa of singers, dancers and lots and lots of cheesecake, because some song and dance act mentioned Calderón.
  • Fast food franchises Starbucks Coffee, Dominos Pizza, Burger King, Popeyes and Chilli's, in particular the operator of those franchises, a company called Alsea, because the company allegedly pressured its employees to vote for AMLO's opponent.
  • A singer named Agustín Adalid, whom nobody here has ever heard of, for singing a song, someplace, called "Corrido del Pejelagarto". AMLO's nickname is "El Peje" and a lagarto is a lizard, hence, "The Ballad of AMLO-lizard", I guess. Actually, the song is about a tropical fish.
  • The Televisa network because it showed "spectacular" photos and videos of Calderón using "many cameras, helicopters, multiple interviews" and "images of Felipe (Calderón) as a serious candidate while images of AMLO were taken out of context". I suppose that means that Calderón was depicted in statesman-like poses while AMLO was shown picking his nose or scratching his butt, or something.
  • Jumex, a fruit juice producer, because the company's colors are the same as the PAN's and a seies of TV spots for their fruit juice said "Fíjense en el azulito" -- "Pay attention to the little blue one."
  • Sabritas, a potato chip maker, for exhorting its employees to "Vote for the candidate with clean hands". This had to do with the company encouraging its factory workers to wash their hands after using the bathroom and before handling someone elses potato chips. AMLO says that the slogan was directed against him, personally. Meaning, I take it, that AMLO is known for not washing up after handling, er, whatever.

This is as amusing as John Kerry's magic hat.

Horacio Duarte, a lawyer leading the defense of AMLO, or better, leading AMLO's offense, also seems to want a career left after this is all over. He says, "Politics is a war of interpretations and has always been so." "The Tribunal Electoral will have to determine which interpretation is correct; ours, the PAN's or the IFE's. That is, in essence, the war."

When then asked, "Then, there are no specific rules that support your positions," he replied, "It's all in the interpretation."
"Then, it's up in the air?"
"No, the magistrates will have to reason and debate, using all that we have given them and that we will give them."
"And are you confident that the magistrates are non-partisan?"
"That's the 64 billion dollar question."

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