Monday, July 03, 2006

Oaxaca teachers to stop pillaging department stores - temporarily

This is a hoot. The striking teachers in Oaxaca have declared a tempory moratorium of their "scheduled activities" until the presidential election winner is announced. The link will take you to a Spanish language newspaper report. Since most of you don't speak Spanish I'll translate it for you.
Para este lunes 3 de julio, cuando se esperaban medidas radicales por parte de las organizaciones que integran la APPO y el magisterio, se suspendieron bloqueos en carreteras, la toma de la Casa Oficial, y el saqueo de tiendas departamentales.

Translation: For this Monday, the expected radical measures which were to be taken by the striking teachers and the APPO (an anti-government citizens group that is supporting the teachers' union), such as the highway blockades, the re-occupation of the state government building and the pillaging of department stores, will be suspended.
I can't imagine that there is anything left in the downtown department stores to pillage.

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