Saturday, July 15, 2006

Don't look at my ninki-nanka

If you do, you may die shortly thereafter. In an interesting report from the BBC, which does pretty well when it chases the ooga-booga stories and avoids any hard news, many people are trying to get a look at my ninki-nanka. Or, rather, the Ninki-nanka of The Gambia.

The Gambia is a riverbank in The Africa masquerading as a country. Actually, two riverbanks, one on either side of The Gambia River. That's all there is to The Gambia (the country); the banks of The Gambia (the river). The Gambia (the country) is the riverbanks of The Gambia (the river) that runs through The Senegal, another country in The Africa. But enough of The Geography.

The Ninki-nanka is a mythical creature described by awitness, the only one known to have seen it and not died, as having a horse face (like John Kerry), mirror-like scales (like Hillary Clinton) and a crest of skin on its head (like James Carville). It is described by this only surviving witness as being 50 meters long and 1 meter in diamater. That's 150 yards long and 1 yard in width for you Gringo types. It's a storm sewer that someone who had never seen a pipe that big decided was alive, IMHO.

The End

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