Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mexico election: TEPJF deliberations to be broadcast live

The TEPJF, the group of independent magistrates and judges who will adjudicate all the complaints, charges and counter charges over the presidential election and ultimately determine the winner, will broadcast its deliberations live. The live broadcasts will be available over the internet as well as through the Canal Judicial de la Federación (kind of like C-Span) available on cable TV. All public sessions will be broadcast live, including weekend sessions.

This is an attempt by the TEPJF to convince the populace of the complete and total transparency of the election process. It's great for everyone because we all will get a look at the 385 or so formal complaints that have been lodged with the IFE over the election. We'll get to hear and view the evidence presented and watch the decisions handed down as well as listen to the reasoning of the TEPJF - all in real time. No smoke-filled rooms like in, er, Washington.

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