Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mexico presidential election - what you see is not what you get

When you are watching the television news reports from Mexico City, be careful with what you see and are told. If the PRD decides to whip up its supporters and take to the streets, Mexico City is where they will strike first. That's because Mexico City and the surrounding state of Mexico are PRD strongholds. AMLO won the vote in Mexico City by some 1.5 million votes and in Mexico State by another 900,000. So it will be easy for the PRD to make it appear that the whole country is in an uproar when that is far from the case.

Most of the country is quiet and will accept the decision of the IFE and would prefer that this be decided quickly and not drag on through the courts ala Bush/Gore 2000. Even here in Oaxaca, the striking teachers have announced that they will abandon the city center after more than two months of occupation and return to their classrooms next Monday to finish the 2005-2006 academic year. Unless I tell you otherwise, come on down -- no earlier than Monday, that is. They're still here.

In a radio interview at 6:00 this morning, AMLO's campaign coordinator again asked for a manual recount of all the votes. Jesús Ortega said that thanks to some paquetes that were opened and recounted, AMLO had gained votes. For this reason, said Ortega, all the paquetes must be opened and recounted. He did, however, go much easier on the accusations of fraud and manipulation than had been pouring out of PRD headquarters since Sunday night.

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