Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mexico election: AMLO abandoned on election day.

In a shocking admission yesterday, PRD officials were forced to admit, twice, that a significant percentage of their party's poll watchers never showed up at the polls on election day.

In the hours before the vote, the PRD had announced that 98% of the polls would be manned by their representatives. Early yesterday, when challenged by reporters, the PRD admitted that only 78% of its poll watchers were at their stations during the voting process. By late afternoon, again challenged by nosy reporters, AMLO's campaign coordinator reduced that percentage to 70%.

That means that some 40,000 polling places had no PRD representative present during the voting, the counting and the tallying of results. That's about 40,000 Actas (tally sheets) that do not bear the signature of a PRD poll watcher. That's about 40,000 paquetes (the sealed packages containing the physical ballots) in which the PRD had no idea of the contents thereof until allowed to review the tally sheets by the IFE as the tallies were reported.

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