Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mexico election: AMLO loses 2000 votes to recounts so far

Andrés Manuel López Obrador may want to think just a wee bit more about demanding that the more than 130,000 sealed packages containing the more than 41,000,000 votes be opened and recounted. Some 2,870 paquetes have been opened for one reason or another to be recounted and AMLO has lost more than 12,000 votes due to incorrect counts or tallies. Felipe Calderón has lost about 10,000 for a net loss of 2000 votes by AMLO. At that rate he'll lose more than 90,000 votes if all are to be recounted.

The Tribunal of Electoral Magistrates is, by law, only allowed to order the opening of the sealed paquetes if there has been a formal complaint filed by one or more of the candidates challenging the tally of the votes contained inside -- and -- the tribunal judges the complaint to have merit. I saw the number somewhere the other day but failed to make a note of it, but AMLO and the PRD did not challenge 100% of the more than 130,000 paquetes. That means that there cannot be a full manual recount. The magistrates do not have authority under the law to order unchallenged paquetes to be opened and those votes recounted.

In another development, the IFE is trying to figure out how to make public the more than 130,000 tally sheets with the signatures of all of the poll watchers and IFE local officials on each one. They want to scan them all and put them on the IFE website but the size of the PDF file would be humungus. You remember Humungus, right?
Greetings from The Humungus! The Lord Humungus! The Warrior of the Wasteland! The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla!
Anyway, another method being studied by the IFE is to put the tally sheets on CD-Rom discs and pass them all around. They have to figure out a way to do it without bankrupting the country.

The real purpose of this move by the IFE, IMHO, is to make public the names of the party representatives who signed the tally sheets, That way, when any party hack or bitterly disappointed presidential wannabe accuses his poll watchers of being bought or blind or stupid, everybody will know who is being besmirched.

Note: If you have been reading the Narco News Bulletin for your updates on this situation, please go elsewhere. The NNB is about as reliable a source for information as is Huffington's Post (Gutfeld excluded, of course). The NNB is a far left wing socialist rag that never met a communist revolutionary it didn't like. I do admire the NNB, however, for never allowing a fact to stand in the way of their Che-ista agenda. I usually try to be quite clear about what is my opinion and I link to supporting data for facts. The NNB links to no one.

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