Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bob Knight viciously assaults Texas Tech player

In Lubbock last night, infamous college basketball coach Bob Knight assaulted one of his players. If full view of the player's parents, Suzette and Mike Prince, Knight first verbally assaulted the player, Michael Prince, with a profanity-laced tirade critical of Prince's play, and then slapped him repeatedly across the face, beat and stomped him to the floor and then had to be pulled away by Tech's mascot, Reddie the Raider.

Here are what witnesses, including Michael Prince himself, had to say after his release from the emergency room of Lubbock's Sisters of Holy Mary Mercy Jewish Hospital:

Michael Prince, the unfortunate player:
"It was nothing. He was trying to teach me and I had my head down, so he raised my chin up. He was telling me to go out there and don't be afraid to make mistakes. He said I was being too hard on myself."

Suzette Prince, the unfortunate player's mother:
"We talked with Michael and he had just committed two fouls in a row. He told us that Coach Knight was asking him if he's ready to play. He said they needed him ready to play."
Holy crap!

Gerald Myers, Texas Tech athletic director:
"I have discussed this with Michael Prince, his parents and Coach Knight. Coach Knight did not slap Michael. Here is what happened: Michael came off the court with his head down and Coach Knight quickly lifted Michael's chin up and said, 'Hold your head up and don't worry about your mistakes. Just play the game.'

In my opinion, Coach Knight did not do anything wrong."
Hang the bastard! (Knight, not Myers).

You can see the brutal attack, which lasted almost 4 full minutes before Reddie the Raider had the nerve to intervene, here. There is also a rundown of Knight's most notorious episodes which I have probably read 6000 times and without which which no article about Bob Knight would be complete.

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