Monday, November 06, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico: PFP rooftop snipers hold off APPO thugs

Yesterday's "mega-march" in Oaxaca went off without a direct confrontation between APPO and the federal police forces (PFP) guarding the Zócalo. The APPO marchers stopped at Santo Domingo, about 5 blocks separating them and the waiting PFP. The PFP had strung barbed wire across the approaches to the Zócalo and had positioned snipers on the rooftops of buildings that border those approaches. The snipers spent the afternoon taking potshots at APPO hardcases who, masked as usual, came too close to the PFP officers, shouting taunts and throwing rocks.

Did I mention snipers taking potshots at masked APPO thugs? Take a look at this one.

Mark in Mexico,, Pale Horse Galleries for gifts, collectibles, arts and crafts,, Oaxaca, Mexico: A federal policeman (PFP) armed with a slingshot takes aim at APPO thugs during a slingshot fight in downtown Oaxaca.
A PFP "sniper" takes aim with a slingshot.

Do you kind of get the idea that the police are working under some significant handicaps?

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