Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mexico City: 5 guerrilla groups claim responsibility for bombings

Three weeks ago, a loose confederation of guerrilla groups in the state of Guerrero (Acapulco) conducted a clandestine news conference. Several dailies, including Reforma, were invited. The guerrilla groups announced that, if there was a military incursion into Oaxaca or if there was any police action taken by the federal government against APPO, the guerrillas threatened to strike.

Now, according to Reforma, the guerrilla groups have announced, via the internet, that they were in fact responsible for yesterday's 3 bombings in Mexico City. The following 5 guerrilla organizations have claimed joint responsibility for the blasts:
Movimiento Revolucionario Lucio Cabañas Barrientos
Tendencia Democrática Revolucionaria Ejército del Pueblo
Organización Insurgente 1 de Mayo
Brigada de Ajusticiamiento 2 de diciembre
Brigadas Populares de Liberación

They claim they will continue with "political and military" actions so long as Oaxaca's Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz remains in office and the PFP remains in Oaxaca.
In all cases, we will continue taking actions and will amplify those actions against 40 national and multi-national businesses, as well as spurious political and governmental institutions that finance and carry out state sponsored fraud.
Lest you believe differently, bombings by the odd and sundry guerrilla group in Mexico are not a new thing.

1974: The guerrilla group Unión del Pueblo commited 21 different bombings in Guadalajara, Michoacán, Oaxaca y San Luis Potosí.

1984: The Partido Revolucionario Obrero Campesino Unión del Pueblo (PROCUP) blew up the 2 department stores, Astor and Blanco, in downtown Mexico City.

1994: PROCUP struck again with a car bomb in the underground parking lot at the mall Plaza Universidad (I had breakfast at a Sanborn's there, once).

2001: Three different branches of BBVA-Bancomer bank were destroyed by the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias del Pueblo (FARP) in retaliation for the takeover of Bancomer by a foreign bank (BBVA is Spanish).

2003: The Mexican army confiscated 60 sticks of Dynamite and 1 kg of hydrogel. The 8 bombs, six of which exploded in Mexico City yesterday, were constructed of these materials. According to El Universal, yesterday's explosions are the only ones from bombs known to have been constructed from these types of materials.

2004: Three bombs went off near Cuernavaca destroying bank branches of Banamex, BBVA-Bancomer and Santander Serfin. A fourth bomb outside an HSBC branch did not explode. A group calling itself Comando Jaramillista Morelense 23 de Mayo claimed responsibility. Ruben Jaramillo was a peasant leader in the state of Morelos. He and his family were killed by state police forces in 1962. A note left by the guerrilla group stated:
Foxism has demonstrated that under imperialistic hegemony, moral and political degradation have no limits. May no honest force be surprised before this cry of protest that is the only option left to us. It surprises us ... that they think that nobody, absolutely nobody in these lands, the lands of Zapata and Jaramillo, will raise their voice to say enough to so much corruption, shamelessness and repression.
The note did not, however, mention the bombings.

2005: On November 18, a bomb exploded at a BBVA Bancomer branch in Mexico state. The group México Unido contra la Pobreza left a note demanding "No to Mexico's support of the United States."

Blame Bush.

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