Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico: APPO chooses directors, logo, motto, plans new mobilizations (again)

APPO just concluded its first "National Congress", having chosen its slate of "directors". They are:
Zenén Bravo
Flavio Sosa
Erangelio Mendoza
Florentino López
Roberto García Lucero
Yésica Sánchez Maya
Marcos Leyva
Juan Sosa Maldonado
Marcelino Coache
Felipe Canseco.
Felipe Martínez Soriano - ex Rector of Juarez University (lots of them around)
Ramiro Aragón
Germán Mendoza Nube
Raúl Gatica
Alejandro Cruz
Catarino Torres Pereda – imprisoned in La Palma federal prison
Jacqueline Almazán.
The nominating and voting went off without a hitch, that is until Flavio Sosa's name was put forward. At that point, a group of dissident dissidents (trissidents?) greeted him with jeers, catcalls and derisive whistles.

The "Congress" reiterated APPO's position that the exit of Governor Ruiz Ortiz was "non-negotiable".

APPO vowed to begin erecting more barricades around the city, beginning today.

APPO vowed to close down public ransportation.

APPO vowed to again begin hijacking buses.

APPO vowed to "retake the government palace" -- that's on the Zócalo.

APPO vowed to "reinforce its encampments" at Santo Doningo and Juarez University here in Oaxaca as well as on Paseo Reforma and the Zócalo in Mexico City.

APPO vowed to send out "painting brigades" to again begin splashing their crap all over the city.

APPO vowed to refuse to ally itself with any political party because, "none had guaranteed that it would be in the service of the people and the workers".

APPO vowed that it has already exercized "various acts of government", saying,
"As a materialization of proletariat, populist and indigenous power, APPO has already exercized various acts of government: selection of magesterial police (this means that the police will act as judge and juries), selected an honorable body of "topiles" (literally, errand boys) and chosen a citizens civil defense committee, all of which signals that we will continue accumulating and strengthening this new power."
In the midst of all of this vowing and threatening and posturing, APPO has also selected a new logo and motto. The chosen artwork was put forward by "Comrade Manolo (Manuel Gomez of the Socialist Workers Party). I haven't see the artwork yet, but it is described as "a silhouette of the state of Oaxaca, inside which is a group of people (a mob) with their left arms and fists upraised. Above the silhouette are the letters 'APPO' and a five-point star."

Any bets on the color of that star?

Comrade Manolo's artsy design included the motto, "For a Populist Government of the Workers and Campesinos", but APPO's new directors have opted for "All Power to the People".

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