Sunday, November 26, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico: APPO vows to return to Santo Domingo

The question, of course, is with whom? I'm not sure how many loyal supporters of the movement are left with any interest in this losing cause. APPO says that it will return to the esplanade at Santo Domingo tomorrow morning at 8:00 and rebuild its twice destroyed camp.

What exactly the PFP intends to do about this new threat is unknown. Under Mexican law, APPO has the right to demonstrate any time and almost any place, regardless of past performances and regardless of the chaos it may cause. However, there are some criteria under which the PFP may be able to deny APPO access to Santo Domingo.

APPO will arrive with a lot of women in tow to use as shields against any attempts to deny them access or dislodge them once they get there. This way, APPO can claim not only human rights violations but can accuse the PFP of attempted sexual molestation and rape every time a woman throws herself against PFP officers.

It should be interesting tomorrow morning. I'll try to be there.

After giving this a little more thought, I think the PFP would be wise to allow the camp to be set up. Then, once or twice per week, send in an armed group at 3:00 am to beat the crap out of anyone found in the camp, gather up all the tents, tarps, awnings, sleeping bags and clothes, pile it up and burn it all. APPO runs out of materiel before the PFP runs out of matches.

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