Friday, November 24, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico: Vicente Fox and every government official with rank higher than water well inspector accused of GENOCIDE

APPO and its lawyer appeared before the Federal Attorney General (PGR) to formally accuse the following people of genocide, forced disappearance (kidnapping, I guess), organized crime (that's a joke - this whole affair has been as organized as a Chinese fire drill), torture, abuse of authority, unlawful use of force against society, and other charges. The contingent led by lawyer Gilberto Hernández had to briefly step aside to modify their formal complaint. They had included the charge of farting in elevators but were reminded that the only elevators in the entire city of Oaxaca are in a couple of hotels and haven't been used for months.

The formal charges were filed against the following list of government officials:
Vicente Fox; President
Carlos Abascal; Secretary of Interior
Ricardo Clemente Vega García; Secretary of Defense
Eduardo Medina-Mora; Secretary of Public Security
Héctor Sánchez Gutiérrez; Coordinator of the federales (PFP)
Ulises Ruiz Ortiz; Governor of Oaxaca
Heliodoro Díaz, Secretary General of Government (the vice governor)
Rosa Lizbeth Caña; Attorney General
Mark in Mexico; Secretary of Poking Fun At Morons
Others too numerous to name

Lawyer Hernández (no relation to Lawyer J. Noble Daggett who bankrupted the Great Arkansas River Vicksburg Gulf and Steamship Company) said that he intended to next visit the Federal Ministerio Público (the cops) to file identical charges. That way, he explained, after the PGR laughingly threw the whole package into the nearest wastebasket, the MP could tell them not to do that.

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