Sunday, November 12, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico: APPO's war on American hamburgers continues

UPDATED: Scroll down.

APPO attacked and damaged the McDonalds at Plaza del Valle before dawn this morning. Mall security guards spotted 3 masked men firing shots into the restaurant to break the windows and then 2 Molotov cocktail gasoline bombs were thrown in. Shouts from the mall's security team scared off the attackers who mounted bicycles and rode away. They left behind 3 more gasoline bombs unused.

The security officers were able to put out the fire before too much damage was done. The children's play area, which was rather elaborate, will have to be ripped out and replaced, just like Burger King's, which was hit last week.

Mark in Mexico,, Pale Horse Galleries for gifts, collectibles, art and crafts,, Oaxaca, Mexico: APPO arsonists struck at the McDonalds in Plaza del Valle before dawn this morning.

Since the children's play areas were the hardest hit in the attacks on both restaurants, perhaps war on American hamburgers is not APPO's true thrust here. Maybe they want all their kids to grow up as fat as their leader, Flavio Sosa. One wag, commenting on one of my posts, said that he had heard that Sosa was going to start a hunger strike. If this happened, said the wag, the problems here would go on forever.

I might note that Mexico's insurance industry, known for never paying a claim they could otherwise litigate over 15 years, has refused to pay any claims for any of the millions of dollars in damage suffered all over the state. The fine print about "insurrections, wars and civil wars" has been invoked.

UPDATE: I visited McDonalds again, got inside and talked to the owner. I didn't take any photos because it seemed impolite. The kids area has not been as seriously damaged it looked from the outside. The net which covers one side of the play area was burned and the entire area was showered with flying glass. He has the restaurant open but the kids area is closed unil the glass can be be completely removed, the net replaced and the installation checked for structural soundness.

He effusively praised the mall security guards for both chasing off the arsonists and getting extinguishers on the blaze so quickly. He says he's going to increase the restaurant's security because he's sure the APPO arsonists will return.

The lefties are celebrating because, as is their habit, any crime is justifiable in support of the "cause". Arson, robbery, murder, assault, kidnapping, rape, riot and their favorite, destruction of private property belonging to anyone who isn't forced by circumstances to live in a house with a thatched roof and a dirt floor (where, of course, none of these lefty commenters are they, themselves forced to live), are all excusable under the "but . . ." rule.

The "but . . . " rule states, in part,
"These actions are to be condemned, but . . .",
"We strongly reject this violence, but . . .",
"We are saddened by this loss, but . . .",
"Both sides may be at fault, but . . .",
"We are troubled by any loss of life, but . . ."
I say those who invoke this rule are cowards and, . . . butts, to turn the phrase.

Note: Lefties who are Johnnie-come-latelys to the blog and haven't bothered themselves enough to read historical, neatly archived posts concerning government corruption in Oaxaca in particular and Mexico in general do not merit any response from me nor the regular readers. Was that sentence long enuff fer yuh?

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