Friday, November 24, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico: Heavily armed APPO thugs "peacefully occupy" radio station for an hour.

A Company asset in Los Angeles (California) advised Mark in Mexico yesterday that APPO planned to send out mobile brigades to "peacefully occupy" one private radio station after another to emit 1 hour broadcasts of their, er, positions. The only reaction from yours truly was to keep my asset out of any radio stations today. Sure enough, I should have passed on the info.

A group of about 20 APPOites, armed with rocket launchers and with faces covered by bandanas and ski masks "peacefully occupied" radio station ORM. The APPO translation of "peacefully occupied" is when they come in and no one puts up any resistance. If there were to be any objections raised, the "peaceful" part goes right down the sumper.

Indy Media has been helping to disseminate information and is encouraging the APPOites, from safe across the Río Bravo, of course. This, however, is a hoot:
That in Mexico City, members of the movement declared an indefinite hunger strike to demand that the Vatican come out against the human rights violations in Oaxaca and for the end of repression against the movement in Oaxaca. After 2 hours, they lifted the strike and were allowed to enter and put forth their demands.
An indefinite hunger strike that lasted two whole hours? You really have to hand it to these people. They are willing to sacrifice everything for the cause, up to and including 2 hours without a tortilla.

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