Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Guerrero, Mexico: Machine gun fight in downtown Acapulco

Two armed groups fought it out in downtown Acapulco in the wee hours this morning. AR-15's and AK-47's were the weapons of choice. In fact, two AR-15's were found abandoned after the combatants had mounted their trusty SUV's and ridden away.

Several streets were closed for over 8 hours as more than 100 heavily armed policemen milled about, wondering what to do.

Veracuz, Mexico: The wife of a Coatzacoalcos businessman, along with their three sons, was kidnapped in broad daylight today while she drove the kids to their primary school. Veracruz state police threw up blockades on all highways and roads leading from Coatzacoalcos. After seeing that their planned escape routes had all been blocked, one of the kidnappers called the state Attorney General's office to explain that it was all a big mistake. I kid you not.

The woman and her three kids were released along the waterfront and they took a taxi home, safe and sound. A big mistake, eh? I suppose tomorrow we'll be hearing about the kidnapping of the really, really rich family they really, really intended to get.

Still in Veracruz, a police beat reporter, Roberto Marcos García, was run down on his motorcycle. After splattering him all over the highway, several men got out of a car with Mexico City plates and pumped 12 slugs into him. Well, they shoot horses, don't they?

Chiapas, Mexico: A San Cristóbal de las Casas newspaper which published a recent article critical of the death of a prisoner in police custody, is getting free publicity today. There are signs threatening the editor painted in various parts of the city, including on the side of a primary school. The editor, Concepción Villafuerte, says she'll leave her Harley Vespa at home for a few days.

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