Friday, November 10, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico: Catholic Church providing safe haven for APPO leadership

APPO leaders, claiming that 5 more of their followers were snatched from a barricade at Cinco Señores last night, have sought and are receiving safe haven from the Archdiocese of Oaxaca. They are being hidden in churches and cathedrals around the city during the nights and leave during the days.

According to Wilfrido Francisco Mayren, Coordinator of Peace and Justice for the Oaxacan diocese, the Church will not disclose the locations of the asylums and, in any case, APPO leaders are being moved from place to place "so as not to remain in the same place consecutive nights."

I might point out that these Catholic churches, temples and cathedrals are all owned by the Mexican government, not the Catholic Church. Benito Juarez got so angry at the Catholic Church for supporting the French invasion and Emperor Maximiliano that, after Maximiliano had been overthrown and executed, Juarez expropriated all church property in Mexico. It is also against the law in Mexico for the Church or any Church officials to meddle in politics.

In any event, APPO leaders are, from a legal standpoint, being given asylum by the federal government with the Catholic Church acting as its agent. ¡Viva Fox! ¡Viva Benedicto XVI!

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