Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico: President Fox says, "Come on down!"

I find this hard to believe, but then, nothing here surprises me any more. Presidential spokesman Rubén Aguilar Valenzuela said that Oaxaca is,
"absolutamente visitable" ya que todos sus accesos están libres, lo mismo que sus tiendas departamentales abiertas, los cines, bancos, cajeros automáticos, mercados y gasolineras.

Translation: Oaxaca is absolutely available for tourist visits. All of the highways in and out of the city are open as well as all department stores, movie theaters, banks, ATM machines, markets and gas stations.

(Except for those that have been vandalized, burned, stolen or are too dangerous to visit.)
The presidents spokeman went on to say,
"We hope that the government of the United States will not continue to issue travel warnings to its citizens like those which have caused them (the filthy rich Gringo capitalist pigs) to avoid Oaxaca (like the Bubonic Plague, aka The Black Death)."

(Like the travel warnings advising the filthy rich Gringo capitalist pigs that they risk armed robbery, assault, rape, murder, kidnapping and hijacking in any area of the city outside of the 6 block section in the immediate center of the downtown guarded by 1500 PFP officers, a few of whom have real guns that go, "Boom Boom".)

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President Fox's spokesman Rubén Aguilar Valenzuela at this morning's press conference.

I don't really have too much to say about this, except, "Scroll on down!"

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