Monday, November 13, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico: Juarez University; "Take these chains from my gates and set me free."

There was a real Three Stooges show at the main gate to Juarez University this morning.

Moe: At 6:30 am, a university security official, Moe Perez, removed the padlocks and chains from the front gates and opened them. Other security personnel did likewise at other entrances.

Larry: At 6:50 am, an APPO "student leader" (Hydra head #4) calling himself Larry Cuauhtemoc (kwah TAY mock) closed the gates and replaced chains and padlocks. He said, "The university campus is surrounded by paramilitaries dressed as civilians and there is no security for anyone. Therefore the university will remain closed." He then asked gathering students to amscray. He told students that APPO would be reinforcing and replacing barricades throughout the day and they would spread out through the city to again block streets and highways until Governor Ulises Ruiz was gone.

Curly: At 7:30 am, out comes University Rector Curly Martínez Neri who re-unlocked the padlocks, re-removed the chains, and re-reopened the gates. He told students that classes would go on as usual and under the security measures as agreed with the Secretary of Interior.

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Open those gates! Close those gates! Open those gates! Close those gates!

The rector was surrounded by parents who demanded to know if he was going to take responsibility for the physical safety of their children. He snapped, "Security? We ain't got no security. We don't have to show you no stinkin´ security!" Well, not really.

He replied that, of course, he would take responsibility for the "integridad fisica" of each and every mothers son (and daughter). He added that, in the case there were trouble, he "would attend to it personally". Whoopee.

The rector is unarmed, his security staff is unarmed, the police are not allowed on university property, but he "will attend to" any trouble . . . personally.

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