Thursday, November 09, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico: Mexican Tourism Council says, "Stay away from Oaxaca." French and German tourists assaulted.

In open disagreement with the office of the president, Mexico's private Council on Tourism (CPTM -- at least, I think it's private) has instructed Mexican travel agents around the world to discourage tourist visits to Oaxaca de Juarez (the capitol city). The reason given by both Alfonso Ventura of the CPTM and Jorge Hernandez Delgado (president of the Mexican Association of Travel Agents) is that visitors' safety cannot be guaranteed.

Both were quick to point out that they are not discouraging visits to other sites in the state such as Huatulco and Puerto Escondido. They just think that people should stay away from the capitol city. That's probably correct, at least at this point in time, IMHO. Ventura further elaborated that his offices had stopped offering any promotions for Oaxaca City over two months ago.

This report also gives a few sketchy details about an assault on 2 tour buses full of French and German tourists. I haven't heard anything about this. I'll check. The report just says that "the tourists were forced to get off of their buses" and describes the incident as "direct attacks on two groups of tourists".

There may be a sum of $5 million US floating around to aid in the promotion of Oaxaca as a tourist destination once the troubles subside. Or there may not be. While an executive for the CPTM says the money has been earmarked, Mexico's Secretary of Tourism (a cabinet-level post here) says that maybe not all of the money will be available if it isn't spent by the end of this month. And an undersecretary said that, while the money may be earmarked, it won't be spent "until Oaxaca's readiness to receive tourists can be confirmed after a review of hotel and tourist site infrastructure." He said that, if hotels and tourist sites are not "ready", "it would be like throwing the money into the trash can."

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