Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico: Juarez University (UABJO) closed by APPO "student coordinators"

I forgot to mention this yesterday. After thousands of Juarez University students flocked back to school yesterday after 3 weeks without classes, then stood bemused while the gates were opened . . . closed . . . opened . . . closed . . . opened, finally, arrived yesterday morning to find the gates . . . closed.

Larry Cuauhtemoc, self proclaimed "APPO Student Coordinator", demonstrated his mastery over university Rector Curly Martínez Neri by locking the gates once again. This time, Rector Curly didn't have enough a** to open them again. Moe Perez stayed out of it this time around.

The reason given by Larry Cuauhtemoc was, as on Monday, "a lack of security for the APPO comrades (thugs) hiding inside the university grounds. As far as the students who enjoyed their 6 week summer holiday while anticipating continuing their higher educations at the university so they won't have to earn a living while standing in a ski mask behind a burning pile of stolen tires in the streets for 200 pesos per day, well, f***'em, right Larry?

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