Saturday, November 25, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico: Meet Earl the Pearl, APPO's communist advisor.

Quoting Earl the Pearl, "Red Pearl" ( writing in the Yahoo Group page, Oaxaca Study Action Group (OSAG) to Daniel (
APPO offers a limited, but useful parallel to the Paris Commune, the 1905 and 1917 Soviets, and other such insurgent organs of power.
Earl the Pearl goes on to argue for APPO's very own Stalin:
Centralized, hierarchical power. What if APPO does or had gone this way, making actual decisions about the conditions of life and becoming a center by which masses of exploited people exercise their priorities, their will?

Immediately, several things happen. First, people have to eat, have clothes, transportation, etc. Exchanges of goods between producers has to take place. This means some kind of planning or just letting it be done by money exchanges. If it's money with no plans, then the money accumulates in some hands and we're back to square one. Only some popularly-based plan can overcome the inequalities build (sic) into our current system. Without some plan, we have units of production competing for their 'market share', forced to accumulate resources from the production of the workers. We can see that with ESOPs here, for example. (Employee Stock Ownership Plans) Either that surplus comes by planning or be (sic) exploitation; there is no third way.

Only a plan can represent what the masses of working people actually want done with the products of our labor. Of course, a plan can alos (sic) be used to impose the priorities of a new ruling class; that's a matter of struggle. But any plan has to cover as much as possible, hence it has to be coordinated. That means leadership and responsibility. That means organization, central plans, and hierarchy.
"Organization, central plans and heirarchy". Hello, USSR.

Earl the Pearl opts for POWER.
Power mean (sic) imposing one side's will on the other. Forcing higher pay means imposing your side's will on another. Taking over land and workplaces means imposing your will on another. Breaking up the armed forces, the same, and more so.
"Taking over land and workplaces" and "imposing your will on another" and purging the armed forces. Hello Uncle Joe.

I would note that "Daniel" is a participant in Lesson Plan, a "progressive" website dedicated to excluding "neo-consevative" thought, or any thought other than socialist anarchist thought, from our public universities and colleges.

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