Friday, November 24, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico: The Company closes in on APPO money trail

Mark in Mexico is advised by a Company asset in Los Angeles (California) that gullible Gringos are passing the hat for APPO. It has been widely known since the beginning of the teachers strike that Sección 22 of the SNTE was receiving funding from "teachers unions in the USA". Several sources of some of that money can now be revealed.

My colleague in LA, a deep mole (a Company asset whom nobody knows, not the blind rodent that screws up your front yard and must be poisoned or impaled - a nasty business at best - nor the one on your Great-Aunt Eunice's chin that you can't help but stare at with mouth agape all the while she is talking to you) reports that the naive Gringos of St. Monica Catholic Church have hosted APPO representatives and have given generously to the cause. A bake sale just the other day raised $1500 to feed Flavio Sosa's billiard gambling habit.

The church, located at 725 California Ave. in Santa Monica, California, 90403, (310) 393-9287, is also The Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger's church. I'm not too sure how happy he would be to know that his fellow parishioners were helping to put Flavio Sosa's kids through private school here as well as financing more taxis for Flavios Fleet (FF).

It used to be known as Flavios Own Fleet - FOF - but a smart-ass Gringo blogger encroached on the FOF by coining "F**k Off, Flavio", and the fat man was forced to shorten the acronym to FF. It's really not an acronym, it's an initialism or an alphabetism -- they taught us that at spy school or maybe the Boy Scouts, I can't remember.
In Jim Bouton's book, Ball Four, Bouton, on the downside of his career, said that his manager in San Diego, one Barney Schultz, if I recall correctly, would wander around the clubhouse after yet another loss muttering the only epithet he knew, "f**k sh*t". Bouton wrote that Schultz would repeat under his breath, over and over, "f**k sh*t", "f**k sh*t", "f**k sh*t". Occasionally, Bouton reported, Schultz would slightly modify the epithet, muttering, "sh*t f**k". What that all has to do with the scope, thrust and theme of this blog post, I have no idea.
My colleague wires the following:
of course they'd be dumb enough to fall for the oaxacaa thing STOP they get all excited when they see people in embroidered costumes and hear sob stories that get their white liberal guilt up STOP it's just the way they are STOP The oaxquenos can play them like minnesota fats STOP STOP YOU'RE KILLING ME
In addition to the guilt-assuaging and checkbook flagellating herd at St. Monica's, there is another church, St. Cecilia in Los Angeles, pouring money into Flavio Sosa's retirement fund. St. Cecilia can be found at 4230 S Normandie Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90037, (323) 294-6628, if you were interested in contributing to Flavio Sosa's Huatulco condo project.

There is an organization called Frente Indígena Organización Binacional -- FIOB which, shockingly, offers a link to yours truly sans the usual empty threats of dismemberment. This group is headquartered in, I think, Fresno, CA. This group receives the better part of its funding through the University of California, Riverside. There are several UCR professors on the FIOB board of directors as well as a Cal State Fullerton professor from Argentina whose name is Sirena. That had a nice ring to it, no?

I have wandered around the FIOB site and I really don't find too much objectionable, so long as I keep in mind that they have been completely hoodwinked, bamboozled and flim-flammed by APPO. I am further informed that Indy Media personnel are heavily involved in the APPO fundraising as well as various FIOB soirees. And if those stupid sons-of-bitches are involved, then my vote is for mass extermination -- GENOCIDE!.

It never ceases to amaze your humble servant that these morons and rank amateurs think they can sneak around and remain out of the reach of The Company, at least for long. We know who they are, we know who the most active and dangerous players are and we know from whence they receive their donations (humble though those donations may be and mere bus change when compared to the trillions we have at our disposal).

When will they ever learn?

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