Monday, November 20, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico: APPO doesn't know who's on first nor what's on second.

The thugs manning the barricades at Cinco Señores apparently aren't satisfied with the scant pesos in payoff money they were to have received from Flavio Sosa to just walk away and go home. After the deal was struck between Sosa and the government to abandon the barricades blocking access to Juarez University, the thugs say, "Hell no! We won't go."

One who called himself Alberto told a reporter that he had been "betrayed by APPO" and that Flavio Sosa Villavicencio "had sold out for money and taxi permits and left he, Alberto, to his own luck." Alberto also said that Sosa had received foreign money but it had all ended up in Sosa's bank accounts.

Alberto swears that the barricade at Cinco Señores will not come down until Governor Ruiz Ortiz resigns. Any sooner and "they'll have to take it by force." Alberto also revealed that he had "agreements" with some of the bus companies to provide buses to transport the APPO members from one riot and arson to another. "If they oppose us, we hijack their buses, put them in a barricade and burn them," braggeth Alberto.

All of this is, of course, a ploy to strong-arm more money from Sosa and his band of merry criminals. I rather imagine that Sosa and the rest of his mafia will just walk away with the cash and let the PFP handle Alberto.

And speaking of APPO spoksmen who are lying scumbags -- we were talking about lying scumbags, weren't we? -- remember Marcelino Coache, APPO spokesman who denied any involvement in the four hour street battle between the PFP and APPO rioters this afternoon? Coache said that the rioters who attacked the PFP today were not members of APPO, but "infiltrators".

Two hours after the "infiltrators" statement, Coache announced that negotiations between APPO and the federal department of the interior were successfully concluded and the rioters would withdraw. Hmmm.

Coache also said, and Interior denied, that the "negotiations" consisted of Interior telling APPO they had 15 minutes to get their people out of the streets or the PFP would get them out and would not stop there but continue on to Santo Domingo and throw them out of their winter encampment (Valle Forge) as well.

According to Reforma, APPO leadership immediately went to the rioters and told them to leave. The rioters objected, seeing as how they were having so much fun, and "an altercation ensued between APPO leadership and APPO followers".

But remember, Coache said that the rioters weren't even APPO. Hmmm.

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