Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Mexico City: AMLO announces plans for Mexico's recovery

Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) announced that he would again be holding press conferences, beginning at noon today. I haven't been able to find any mention of any Q&A in the Mexican media.

He also announced a "law for competitive prices" that he will send to the Senate. He cited Article 28 in the Mexican Constitution which, without bothering to look it up, apparently states that it is unconstitutional to, as AMLO puts it, "collect exaggerated charges for goods and services" in Mexico.

I always get a hoot out of people who think it's cheaper to live in Mexico than in the USA. I got into a screaming match with my boss once over that issue. He was paying me a 25 grand stipend on top of my salary to help defray living expenses here. He called me one day, snug in his Detroit office, to announce that he was going to suspend said stipend. I said, "Ok, I'm coming back to the USA." He blustered, "Why?" I said, "Look, the 25 grand helps a lot, but if you paid me an annual stipend of a million dollars, I still couldn't live anywhere near the way I would in the states." "Hell," cursed I, "I can't even find a decent hockey match here." The stipend stayed.

When I had heard that "cheaper to live in Mexico" crap for about the ten thousandth time, I retorted that, yeah, it's cheaper if you don't mind living on 3 day-old chicken. And I added that I didn't mean 3 days since the scrawny beast had been butchered. I meant that it had been hanging from a hook in the un-refrigerated air of a dead chicken stand in a market somewhere for three days. How, when and where it was actually massacred would always remain a mystery.

AMLO said that this "plan" would result in government aid to millions of Mexican totaling 10% of their current incomes. That sounds great, doesn't it? A 10% pay raise to all Mexicans. Where is he going to get that kind of money?


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