Thursday, November 09, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico: Passing the buck

Carlos Abascal, Secretary of the Interior, says,
"If Oaxaca Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz cannot reach some kind of conciliation with the dissidents, he must resign."

Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, Governor of Oaxaca, says,
"If Carlos Abascal cannot solve the state's problems, he must resign."

Who the hell is in charge here?

Mark in Mexico humbly volunteers for a 24 hour appointment as Emperor of the North Pole -- just long enough to issue the following official proclamation:

Yer all fahrd!

On a related note from last night, Governor Ruiz Ortiz offered to Interior a "6 point plan" to resolve the crisis in Oaxaca. Governor Ruiz's plan:

  • Reconciliation
  • Reactivate the economy
  • Guarantee security
  • Advance compliance with the agreements with the striking teachers (remember them?)
  • Reform of the State
  • Redesign government structures (apparently unrelated to reform of the state)

This looks just like a very detailed and specific plan written by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy and Howard Dean. I haven't heard any mention of them being here. I'll check. In any event, APPO has presented to the governor their own 6 point plan:

  • Shoot yourself (after shredding any documents that might implicate APPO ledership in state corruption)
  • Take a long walk on a short plank (ditto above parenthetical)
  • Drink hemlock (ditto above parenthetical above)
  • Hold yout breath until you turn blue and die (ditto above parenthetical above, above)
  • Slash your wrists and hold them under warm. running water after we allow gas delivery for the first time in 3 weeks and you can re-light the pilot on your water heater (ditto . . . you know the drill)
  • Visit our "Welcome and Reconciliation Committee" at Juarez University (ditto . . . am I being redundant?)

After careful consideration, APPO's plan stands the best chance of working. But only if it were immedately followed by a clearing of the streets and the university by heavily armed PFP officers with orders to shoot on sight anyone who even looks at them cross-eyed.

A quick update on the condition of our condition: Someone is verrrrry carefully removing, piece by piece, some of APPO's barricades, at least on the Periferico. Two days ago two hijacked trucks were pulled away from in front of Chedraui (Plaza Cristal). Yesterday a burned-out bus as well as a barricade built from a stack of lumber were removed from the Periferico. They were still gone as of 7:30 this morning.

Tuesday afternoon, several "youths" described as APPO members were yanked out of cars near Parque Llano (Benito Juarez Park) and taken away. Witnesses reported that "state police" made the arrests but the whereabouts of the arrestees is still not known. Nor, to my knowledge, has APPO resonded in any manner except, of course, for the above 6 point plan.

Note: Edited to remove the really stupid miss-spellings. Miss-spellings of the more ordinarily stupid type were left unchanged for your reading pleasure.

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