Friday, November 10, 2006

Mexico City: President Fox reveals his true feelings

There has been a little controversy swirling around Mexico City for a few days. I didn't pay too much attention and, finally, I looked into it today. What happened was that President Vicente Fox was about to give a news conference about one thing or another. Before he stepped up to the microphone, he made a crack to the assembled reporters. One of those infamous "off the record" type smart-ass remarks. The mike was live and the Spanish Television network Telemundo broadcast his little comment far and wide.

Fox was pissed and, besides tearing Telemundo a new one, threatened to sue the network. Here is what Fox said:
"Ya hoy hablo libre, ya digo cualquier tontería, ya no importa: ya total, yo ya me voy"

Translation: I can speak freely now. I can say any stupid thing I want. I don't give a damn. It's all over and I'm outta here!
Now, that's pretty mild compared to President Bush calling the mullahs "assholes" or President Reagan jokingly announcing the firing of nuclear tipped ICBM's at the Soviet Union.

However, in Mexico it was considered a grave insult to the president The same president whose political opponents have labeled him a thief, a liar, a crook, a Bush lapdog, a Chávez lapdog, a Fidel lapdog, a PRI lapdog, a PRD lapdog, a coward, a usurper of democracy, a dog, a pig, under his wife's thumb, a failure, a Nazi, a Jew-lover, a far right-wing cowboy, a far left-winger in the disguise of a right-wing cowboy, a jack booted thug, a momma's boy (remember, we're talking about President Fox of Mexico, not President Bush), a cheat, a murderer, a repressor, a clumsy political neophyte, a shrewd and vicious political operator, and just about every other expletive that you can conjure . . . up.

Just don't call him Johnson.

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