Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico: APPO's meeting with Interior "canceled due to transportation problems"

APPO had claimed since yesterday morning that the Secretary of Interior (SEGOB) had agreed to a meeting which was to have taken place yesterday at 11:00. It turns out that, according to APPO, the meeting had to be canceled because SEGOB "had trouble traveling to the meeting site".

Florentino López, today's spokesman for APPO, said that maybe a meeting could be scheduled for today, or maybe next week after Calderón is sworn in as new president. (Or maybe never?)

APPO had said that it would "agree" to a meeting only if the "minimum security arrangements" were put in place to guarantee that its leaders not be arrested. Even that demand has been dropped. Sayeth Florentino, "necessary measures have been taken to avoid arrests but we know that if they (PFP) have decided to do it, nothing will stop them." In other words, no guarantees of safe conduct to and from meetings which may never have been scheduled at all and may never take place.

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